What a fantastic season! 

Our season was amazing! We had it all. From insane crashes to fantastic finishes. We had visits for both races from Cleetus McFarland who drove one of the Jolly Roger boats (a huge thank you to the Jolly Roger Team and Eric Werner). Not only did he look like he had done this for years, but he put down the fastest run in his class! 

Our fans are the best and we had one of the largest crowds ever!

Our crowds were epic and the racers were fantastic. None of this would be possible without all the volunteers too! Here are the race results. 

We had lot of boats from all three classes committed to great racing this season.


Congratulations to the winners on the Podium for race #2 in 2022!


Congratulations to the following teams.
Modified Class
Cleetus McFarland / Spencer Faggioni - Jolly Rogers 208A
Clint Birch / Terri Lovell - Fear Not 623
Dylan Hatch / Danyel Finley - Pelican Fueling 40
Jeremy Souza / Jess Lay - Dark Horse Racing 666
Jeff Purcell / James Goldberg - Purcell Racing
Seldon Glebe / Scarlet Taylor - Full Tilt 03A
Scarlet Taylor / Eric Petring - Full Tilt 03B
James Goldberg / Margaret Purcell - Purcell Racing 154B
Scott Rapp / Jaeling Rapp - Rapp Racing 36
Jay Carrela / Gina Doill - Nutt Deep 71


400 Clas
Phil Miller / Amy Thomason - Fat Buddy 22
Darrin Swindahl / Matt Johnson - Bandit Gold Rush 47
Kelley Stevenson / Tracie Montgomery - Black Magic 5
Leighton Lillie / Cody Holzer - Preventing Insanity 27
Eric Werner / Tina Huff - Jolly Rogers 146A
Nicole Brown ? Tina Huff - Jolly Rogers 146B
Ruedi Scheuler / David Thompson - Steamin' Kiwi
Steven Church / Randi Church - Bad Influence 156
Dan Hatch / Wendi Manthel - Blue Bayou 42
Faughan Trapp / Matt Denson - Live Wire 02
Mike Rearden / Josh Garvin - Jolly Rogers 625


Unlimited Class
Dan Morrison / Cara McGuire - Wicked Racing 10
Kyle Patrick / Darryn Todd - Psycho Racing 151 M
Rober Cox / Ali Krupp - Obsession 049
Chris Munro / Katie Munro - Screaming KiWis 35
Dean Lautenshlager/ Jack Bringam - Ballz Out 4
Distin Springer / Keith Brownsberger - Jolly Roger 556
Ron Gallagher / Jason Gallagher - Bootlegger 33


We had a great season and we were happy to be back at it after the challenges with COVID-19. The racing was great and the fans were fantastic. A huge thank you to all the volunteers and everyone that helped make this happen. We are now getting ready for next year.
Buy Tickets We will again host Fall Fest! Beer Fest is September 16th and 17th and Fall Fest Family Days is September 23rd through the 25th. Check it out at www.fallfestportangeles.com

Here are some great Mini Hero Cards for each team made by “imagine! Graphics” on each team!

ASB Pro Racing Series

2022 Schedule

Race #1 Was FANTASTIC! A BIG thank you to the racers, fans and all the support people that make this possible! Extreme Sports Park, Port Angeles, WA July 23rd, 2022

Extreme Sports Park, Port Angeles, WA September 10th, 2022

Get the latest information and FAQs!(being updated for 2022!)

Port Angeles Extreme Sports Park and Sprint Boat Race events unique to Washington State’s Northern Olympic Peninsula, all within one extreme sports park!

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