Great news! We are going racing!
The first race is July 24th and the second race is September 11th.
Stay tuned for all the details.

Check out the great Mini Hero Cards for each team made by “imagine! Graphics” on each team!

Attention Teams! We are going to make another Hero Booklet and Cards. Look this over and give me any photos or changes ASAP!  Send any changes (or tell me it is great the way it is) to me 

Teams competing this year can get the required forms here!

Check out some of the insane shots and video of the last 2 seasons (select HD) and get ready for our next race, July 24th, 2021!

Our last year (2019) of racing was insane! Thanks to all the volunteers, racers and fans that made it an awesome year!

ASB Pro Racing Series

2021 Schedule

Race #1
Extreme Sports Park, Port Angeles, WA
July 24th, 2021

Race #2

Extreme Sports Park, Port Angeles, WA
September 11th, 2021

Winning runs on July 30th!

Get the latest information and FAQs!(being updated for 2021!)

Port Angeles Extreme Sports Park and Sprint Boat Race events unique to Washington State’s Northern Olympic Peninsula, all within one extreme sports park!

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