ESP (Extreme Sports Park) began as the idea to build a world-class Sprint Boat Track for Jet Boat Racing, and where our partners have recently been in contact with racers in New Zealand and Australia who have shown a great interest in creating a World Series Race in Port Angeles, Washington…but that just wasn’t enough!

What’s special about this huge project is the fact that we are located on one of the most wild and scenic areas in the world. We truly do love our neck of the woods, with it’s dramatic coastlines, pristine rain forests, towering mountains and raging rivers; we aim to bring people from all across the globe to be a part of this wild outdoor experience. We’re located just outside of the port town of Port Angeles, a 17 mile ferry ride from Victoria, B.C., 80 miles from Seattle and almost within walking distance from William R. Fairchild International Airport just outside of town.

Keep checking back, you’ll be amazed what we come up with next! Thanks for stopping by.

Best Regards,
The ESP Team

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